Love's True Bluish Light. (scythrop) wrote,
Love's True Bluish Light.

"And you know what I found out? There are other great drummers out there."

Fantastic new interview with Siouxsie – THE WITCH IS BACK. I think the album is out in the US now? It's brilliant.

A highlight...
What do you make of the modern rock star look in the era of the stylist? You managed to pull yourself together quite well in your day.
They aren't exciting, are they? It's because the same high-priced stylist does all of them! I don't need one, thanks. It makes me feel cheated because I want to see what that personality would choose to wear, how they'd do their hair. They all have the uniform look with none of the attitude. It's a little Stepford Pop Star out there.

Your old guitarist, Cure frontman Robert Smith, is set to do a duet with Ashlee Simpson. Do you think he should be killed for treason?
Who is Ashlee Simpson?

I love that you said that!
No, really, who is he?
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