Love's True Bluish Light. (scythrop) wrote,
Love's True Bluish Light.


Rep. William Jefferson deserves to be stripped of his office and put in jail for a long, long time. Here he is, PUBLICLY violating one of the cardinal rules by which a man lives his life.

I hope I don't have to explain why this is so wrong, but just in case there are any readers who are unaware of the basics of men's tailoring: A MAN MUST NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUTTON THE BOTTOM BUTTON ON A SUIT JACKET, SPORT COAT, OR BLAZER. (Unless it's a one-button jacket, of course.)

And you can see why! Not only is it JUST PLAIN WRONG, but it causes the jacket to bunch up at the sides, since the jacket was not made to have the bottom button fastened. Two buttons? Button the top one. Three buttons? Button the middle one, top is optional. More than three buttons? Shoot your tailor in the face and then turn the weapon on yourself.

Lock him up and throw away the key. You would NOT see this shit in the Senate, I can guarantee you.
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