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p.s. happy birthday to miss oola! xoxox

If stress doesn't kill me then lack of sleep will. snake_oiler and I are finally getting back into going to the gym regularly, but at the cost of "sleeping in," i.e., getting up at 6:30 instead of 5:15. I need to shape up though; quitting smoking turned me into a sweets-craving lardass.

Sometimes I take on too much. Tomorrow night (not tonight, as I said here in my last entry & as I insisted to the furniture movers shortly thereafter) is the reception for donors here at the U., which I have a million things to do for yet, then Saturday/Sunday is my fundraiser kickoff '30s-movie event. I have about ten million things to do for that. So by Monday at least both of those will be over & done with. Leaving only a system-wide council meeting to chair in three weeks & a search committee to ... oh dear lord, I'm even putting myself to sleep.

Here's something good to buy: the new ZE Records reissue compilations. Get the double-CD disco one first, if only for the Guy Bourdin photo of Cristina Monet walking her ferrets, which were probably considered quite exotic in 1984. As was that hair. Love ya babe. Kiss kiss.

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