January 24th, 2001

cape & merc.


I was asleep/awake at 4 am having a night terror. Do other people have these? It's when you are awake, or at least you think you are, and something really scary is happening, like a man is standing over your bed ominously scattering silver on it, and you can't move or scream; it's like you're paralyzed. I unfroze after what seemed like half a minute, and there was no man there. No silver either. S____ was still asleep.

Later I dreamed I was at Buckingham Palace having coffee with the Queen. (She may have had tea; I can't remember.) We talked about Nobel prize winners (she wanted gossip), furniture, Kentucky vs. Virginia for horses, and her china. (The coffee cup felt surprisingly like hotel-grade porcelain, but I didn't want to offend her.) She looked really pretty, more like a young version of her sister, whose recent health problems I was preparing to inquire about when the Duke of Edinburgh came in and made us daiquiris. Who would have taken him for a rum man? Not I.