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For byronicman and all of you other sinners...

The Holy Eucharist of the Church of Bowie

With readings and a homily for Sunday, June 9th

The Word of the Star

A hymn, psalm, or anthem may be sung.

The people standing, the Celebrant says

Blessed be our Star: Father, Son, and Hazy Cosmic Jive.

People And blessed be his kingdom, now and for ever.

In place of the above, from Hammersmith Odeon Day through the Day of the Release of Diamond Dogs and on other penitential occasions

Celebrant Bless Lord Ziggy who forgets all our sins.

People His mercy endures for ever.

During the Season After the Day of the Release of Diamond Dogs and on other celebratory occasions

Celebrant Alleluia. Ziggy is risen.

People The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia.

The Celebrant may say

Almighty Bowie, to you all hearts are given, all desires made ambiguous,
and from you no secrets are hid: Exalt the lusts in our
hearts by the inspiration of your Holy Red Glitter Platforms, that we may
perfectly love you, and worthily magnify your holy Name;
through Ziggy our Lord. Amen.

The Collect of the Day

The Celebrant says to the people

Ziggy be with you.

People And also with you.

Celebrant Let us pray.

The Celebrant says the Collect.

People Amen.

The Lyrics

The people sit.

A Reading from the Book of Scary Monsters:
Track Six, Verses Four and Five.


Those midwives to history put on their bloody robes
The word is that the hunted one is out there on his own
You're alone for maybe the last time
And you breathe for a long time
Then you howl like a wolf in a trap
And you daren't look behind

You fall to the ground like a leaf from the tree
And look up one time at that vast blue sky
Scream out aloud as they shoot you down
No no, I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife
I'm not a piece of teenage wildlife

After the Reading, the Reader says

The Word of the Lord.

People Thanks be to Bowie.

Silence may follow.

Then, all standing, the Deacon or a Priest reads the Gospel, first

The Holy Gospel of Our Lord David Bowie
according to Ziggy Stardust.

People Glory to you, Lord Stardust.

The Gospel

Well she's a tongue twisting storm, she will come to the show tonight
Praying to the light machine
She wants my honey not my money she's a funky-thigh collector
Layin' on 'lectric dreams

So come on, come on, we've really got a good thing going
Well come on, well come on, if you think we're gonna make it
You better hang on to yourself

We can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play
But then we move like tigers on vaseline
Well the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar
You're the blessed, we're the spiders from Mars

The People acknowledge the Blessing by making the sign of the Feather Boa.
The Reader continues.

Oh no love! you're not alone
You're watching yourself but you're too unfair
You got your head all tangled up but if I could only make you care
Oh no love! you're not alone
No matter what or who you've been
No matter when or where you've seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I've had my share, I'll help you with the pain
You're not alone

Just turn on with me and you're not alone
Let's turn on with me and you're not alone
Let's turn on and be not alone
Gimme your hands cause you're wonderful
Gimme your hands cause you're wonderful
Oh gimme your hands.

After the Gospel, the Reader says

The Gospel of the Lord.
People Praise to you, Lord Stardust.

The Sermon

In today's readings, our blessed Star reveals to us His knowledge--through His earthly existence--of our suffering, and gives us an outline of the faith that we must keep in order to obtain His sacred blessing. If we keep this faith, if we in fact "turn on" with Him, we will indeed be rewarded with the eternal guidance and presence of the Hazy Cosmic Jive in our own lives, both now and in the kingdom to come.

How often we feel like the hunted one, trapped and alone! Our heads are tangled up, the pain of our very existence tearing away at our insides. Despite our years, we, each and every one of us, still recall the alienation and frustration of our salad days, those troubled times when the world weighed heavy on our hearts and no one could possibly understand us. Bowie understands. If we can pray to the light machine and savor in the honey, not the money, of this shadow-filled plane, if we can raise up our hands when time takes a cigarette and puts it in our mouth, if we can move like tigers on vaseline, then and only then will we receive the intercession of the Spiders from Mars and the blessing of the Holy One, Lord Ziggy, forgetter of our sins.

Let us pray.

Silence may follow.

On Sundays and other Major Feasts there follows, all standing

The Warszawa Creed

We believe in one Star,
the Father, the Almighty,
who turns on heaven and earth,
and all that is, seen and unseen.

We believe in one Lord Ziggy,
the only Son of Stardust,
eternally begotten of the Father,
Star from Star, Light from Light,
true Star from true Star,
begotten, not made,
of one Being with Bowie.
Through him all things were made clear.
For us and for our salvation
he came down from Mars:
by the power of the Hazy Cosmic Jive
he became incarnate and was Main Man.
For our sake he was crucified at the Hammersmith Odeon;
he suffered death and was buried.
On the next album he rose again
in different form, in accordance with the Mysteries;
he ascended into the heavens
and is seated in the constellations.

He will come again in glory to rock the living and the dead,
and his kingdom will have no end.

We believe in the Hazy Cosmic Jive, the Spirit, the giver of life,
who proceedeth from the Father and the Son.
With the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified.
He has spoken through the Later Albums.
We acknowledge drunken evenings for the forgetting of sins.
We look for the resurrection of past glories,
and the life of the world to come. Amen.

The Prayers of the People

The Leader and People pray responsively

Most gracious Starman, we pray for your holy glittering Church;
That we all may be one.

Grant that every member of the Church may truly and
glamourously serve you;
That your Name may be glorified by all people.

We pray for all producers, recording engineers, and art directors;
That they may be faithful ministers of your Word and

We pray for all who govern and hold authority in the recording industry;
That there may be justice and peace on the earth.

Give us grace to do your will in all that we undertake;
That our works may find favor in your sight.

Have compassion on those who suffer from any addictions or STDs;
That they may be delivered from their distress.

Give to the departed eternal beauty.
Let light perpetual shine upon them.

We praise you for your personas who have entered into joy;
May we also come to share in your heavenly kingdom.

Let us pray for our own needs and those of others.


If there is no celebration of the Communion, or if a priest is not
available, the service is concluded as directed.

Confession of Sin

A Confession of Sin is said here if it has not been said earlier. On
occasion, the Confession may be omitted.

The Deacon or Celebrant says

Let us confess our sins against the Star and his followers.

Silence may be kept.

Minister and People

Most merciful Star,
we confess that we have sinned against you
in thought, word, and deed;
by what we have done,
and by what we have left undone.
We have not loved you with our whole heart;
we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We are truly sorry and we
humbly repent. For the sake of your Son Ziggy Stardust,
have mercy on us and forgive us;
that we may delight in your will,
and walk in your ways,
to the glory of your Name. Amen.

The Bishop, when present, or the Priest, stands and says

Almighty Star have mercy on you, forgive you all your sins
through our Lord Ziggy Stardust, strengthen you in all
goodness, and by the power of the Hazy Cosmic Jive keep you in
eternal life. Amen.

The Glamour

All stand. The Celebrant says to the people

The glamour of Bowie be always with you.

People And also with you.

Then the Ministers and People may greet one another in the name of the

The Holy Communion

The Celebrant may begin the Offertory with one or more sentences of Scripture.

During the Offertory, a hymn, psalm, or anthem may be sung.

Representatives of the congregation bring the people's offerings of
quaaludes and red wine, and glitter or other gifts, to the deacon or celebrant.
The people stand while the offerings are presented and placed on the

The Great Thanksgiving

The people remain standing. The Celebrant, whether bishop or priest,
faces them and sings or says

Ziggy be with you.

People And also with you.

Celebrant Give me your hands.

People We lift them to the Lord.

Celebrant Let us give thanks to the Lord our Starman.

People It is right to give him thanks and praise.

Then, facing the Holy Table, the Celebrant proceeds

It is right, and a good and joyful thing, always and every-
where to give thanks to you, Bowie Almighty, Illuminator of
heaven and earth.

Here a Proper Preface is sung or said on all Sundays, and on other
occasions as appointed.

Therefore we praise you, joining our voices with Angels and
Archangels and with all the company of heaven, who for ever
sing this hymn to proclaim the glory of your Name:

Celebrant and People

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, Star of power and might,
heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Rock on in the highest.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of Bowie.
Rock on in the highest.

The people stand or kneel.

Then the Celebrant continues

Holy and gracious Star: In your infinite love you made us
for yourself, and, when we had fallen into sin and become
subject to evil and death, you, in your mercy, sent Ziggy
Stardust, your only and eternal Son, to share our human
nature, to live and die as one of us, to reconcile us to you, the
Star and Father of all.

He stretched out his feather-boa-draped arms upon the stage, and
offered himself, in obedience to your will, a perfect sacrifice
for the whole world.

At the following words concerning the Quaalude, the Celebrant is to hold
it, or to lay a hand upon it; and at the words concerning the cup, to
hold or place a hand upon the cup and any other vessel containing red wine
to be consecrated.

On the night he was handed over to suffering and death, our
Lord Aladdin Sane took a bottle of Quaaludes; and when he had given thanks
to you, he broke it open, and gave it to his disciples, and said,
"Take, eat: This is my Body, which is given for you. Do this for the
remembrance of me."

After skipping supper he took the cup of red wine; and when he had given
thanks, he gave it to them, and said, "Drink this, all of you:
This is my Blood of the new Album, which is shed for you
and for many for the forgiveness of sins. Whenever you drink
it, do this for the remembrance of me."

Therefore we proclaim the mystery of faith:

Celebrant and People

Ziggy has overdosed.

Ziggy is risen.

Ziggy will come again.

The Celebrant continues

We celebrate the memorial of our redemption, O Star, in
this sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Recalling his death,
resurrection, and ascension, we offer you these gifts.

Sanctify them by your Hazy Cosmic Jive to be for your people the
Body and Blood of your Son, the holy food and drink of new
and unending life in him. Sanctify us also that we may faithfully
receive this holy Sacrament, and serve you in unity, constancy,
and peace; and at the last day bring us with all your saints
into the joy of your eternal kingdom.

All this we ask through your Son Ziggy Stardust: By him, and
with him, and in him, in the unity of the Hazy Cosmic Jive all honor
and glory is yours, Almighty Star, now and for ever. AMEN.

And now, as our Savior
Ziggy has taught us,
we are bold to say,

People and Celebrant

Our Father, creating art in the heavens,
hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in the stars.
Give us this day our daily buzz.
And forget our trespasses,
as we forget those
who trespass against us.
And lead us into temptation,
but deliver us from police involvement.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever. Amen.

The Breaking of the Quaalude

The Celebrant breaks the consecrated Quaalude.

A period of silence is kept.

Then may be sung or said

Alleluia. Ziggy our Passover is sacrificed for us;
Therefore let us keep the feast. Alleluia.

In place of, or in addition to, the preceding, some other suitable
anthem may be used.

Facing the people, the Celebrant says the following Invitation

The Gifts of the Star for the People of the Star.

and may add

Take them in remembrance that Ziggy died for you, and
feed on him in your hearts by faith,
with thanksgiving.

The ministers receive the Sacrament in both kinds, and then immediately
deliver it to the people.

The Quaaludes and Red Wine are given to the communicants with these words

The Body of Ziggy, the barbiturate of heaven. [Amen.]

The Blood of Ziggy, the cup of salvation. [Amen.]

During the ministration of Communion, hymns, psalms, or anthems may be

When necessary, the Celebrant consecrates additional quaaludes and red wine for those too hungover to receive.

After Communion, the Celebrant says

Let us pray.

Celebrant and People

Eternal Star, heavenly Bowie,
you have graciously accepted us as living members
of your Son our Savior Ziggy Stardust,
and you have fed us with spiritual food
in the Sacrament of his Body and Blood.
Send us now into the world in peace,
and grant us strength and courage
to love and serve you
with gladness and singleness of heart;
through Ziggy our Lord. Amen.

The Deacon, or the Celebrant, dismisses them with these words

Let us go forth in the name of Ziggy.

People Thanks be to the Star.

or this

Deacon Go in peace to love and serve Bowie.

People Thanks be to the Star.

or this

Deacon Let us go forth into the world,
rejoicing in the power of the Hazy Cosmic Jive.

People Thanks be to the Star.

or this

Deacon Let us bless Bowie.

People Thanks be to the Star.


Jun. 9th, 2002 09:26 pm (UTC)
It's you! I cannot have my oldest lj friends disappearing like that, Miss Mary! And of course ::douses you in glitter:: In nomine Bowieis et Ziggiis &c. Go thou and spread the Word!
Jun. 10th, 2002 06:15 am (UTC)
woo! sorry about that, my journal was just pissing me off. plus i'd rather delete the whole thing than go back and delete all those entries with broken images from my host being gone.
may bowie be with you


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