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oh no. more pictures...

Due to my masochistic nature, I shall relent to the delighted squeals of glee with which others have met the photographic evidence of my Abject Misery throughout the lamentable 1980s.

Being spooky with friend Anne, late high school?

Possibly after clubbing, or perhaps studying (naaah), with Hope.

These are in my first apartment, on lovely Monument Avenue in Richmond. I don't know what's more damaging to my doom-n-gloom credibility, the cassette player or the floral sheets.

The Milwaukee's Best cans, at least, I can explain. We would never, ever have bought The Beast if any acceptable substitute had been available, but I remember this night well; it was the 4th of July and the one store that would sell me alcoholic beverages was all out of Black Label. Horrors! See, Black Label was Punk Rock; Milwaukee's Best was Butt Rock. Alas, here we are, MB in hand. I almost didn't post this because of it. Oh yes, this is one week after S____ & I met; this is us.

So the ultra-death look I was sporting in the photobooth pictures I posted last week was growing most tiresome to me, and I bleached my hair about nine times in a month. It wasn't too healthy, and I never got it white like I wanted, so I tried this.

Sort of Jane's Addiction influenced. That's a JA T-shirt I've got on, purchased right before this at a show in Norfolk that was $1. (The show, not the T-shirt.) I didn't like the red as it faded to pink so I went blue.

Shortly thereafter I was lighting a cigarette, loads of Aquanet holding some sort of creation aloft, and the forelock went up in flames. As the whole lot had the consistency of cotton candy, I let my hairdresser lop it all off (whilst watching Bauhaus videos) into a short & sleek black bob-type-thing.

This one is at our first apartment together. We spent about a month painting the place and then lived there about three months. (It was falling apart & poorly heated. But $400 for a whole house! But, while fine for a Summer of Excess, it wasn't quite what we needed for winter.) Anyway...

My hair grew out quickly & I took pictures like this to commemorate it before I chopped it all off again. This is in the ultra-fabulous Hollywood Cemetery, resting place of Presidents Monroe, Tyler, and Davis (of the Confederacy, silly) as well as many other luminaries.

I guess we're to the end of the '80s here, but this picture is funny because it was 1990 and we already missed the '80s so Lance (lancehk) had a Remember the '80s party. S____ decided that they were better forgotten at that point and Remembered the 1880s instead. Here we are at home before the party.

And here's something from the beginning of the '80s, just to scare you.


Feb. 11th, 2002 10:29 am (UTC)
thumbs up!
i love this stuff!


cape & merc.
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