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Look, I know it's unlikely, but should LJ actually go the way of the dodo, seek my reanimated corpse here.

Edit: OK fine.

Happy Katemas!

It is a golden jubilee this year, as Ms. Bush turns 50 today. In celebration, five YouTube favorites...

Headline News.

Another piece of incisive journalism to join the many sterling examples in the annals of the Santa Barbara News-Press. Do I smell a Pulitzer?!
Um, yeah. If you can't take your cell phone away from your ear to say "Trick or Treat!" ... not gettin' much from me.
Speaking of animals, did you hear about this American footballer who was caught dogfighting?
Yes, I read about that! That guy is a fucking piece of shit. It's inhuman on a fucking Nazi level. Poor defenseless animals.

Well, he's found God now.
Oh, bullshit. They ought to let Siouxsie at him. Here's what I'd do. First, I'd shove a football up his ass. Then I'd put a very angry pussy in his underwear. And lastly I would baste him in peanut butter and throw him in a room with rabid, hungry pit bulls! Ugh, I swear I'd fucking kill him. Bastard!
Fantastic new interview with Siouxsie – THE WITCH IS BACK. I think the album is out in the US now? It's brilliant.

A highlight...
What do you make of the modern rock star look in the era of the stylist? You managed to pull yourself together quite well in your day.
They aren't exciting, are they? It's because the same high-priced stylist does all of them! I don't need one, thanks. It makes me feel cheated because I want to see what that personality would choose to wear, how they'd do their hair. They all have the uniform look with none of the attitude. It's a little Stepford Pop Star out there.

Your old guitarist, Cure frontman Robert Smith, is set to do a duet with Ashlee Simpson. Do you think he should be killed for treason?
Who is Ashlee Simpson?

I love that you said that!
No, really, who is he?

Preach it, sister!

Brand new video from my favorite SoCal singer/songwriter/chameleon Cindy Lee Berryhill WATCH NOW PLEASE.

When did Jesus become a Republican?
I thought he was the poor man's friend,
starvin' ol' greed right there in my time of need.

When did Jesus turn the tables on tender
and join the moneylenders?
'Stead of sharing with the lepers, sellin'
shares of Haliburton.

When did Jesus tear away the heartland
from the New York island?
Start throwin' stones at the helpless
when they can't get health insurance,
take away the shelters for the homeless –
this don't sound like you Jesus.

When did Jesus become a Republican?
I thought he was the poor man's friend,
starvin' ol' greed right there in my time of need.

When did Jesus become a politician
and whisper to the preacher men
to tell the congregation exactly who to vote for
in the next election?

When did Jesus join the corporate billionaires?
Did the tax cut take him there?
Still can't see him exportin' jobs for the cheap labor.

When did Jesus become a Republican?
I thought he was the poor man's friend,
Starvin' ol' greed right there in my time of need.

A meme I like!

Copied from mylaar...

Here is how it works: Copy this list; leave in the bands you've seen perform live; delete the ones you haven't, and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list, etc.

1. Blondie
2. Psychic TV
3. Spiritualized
4. Swans
5. KC and the Sunshine Band
6. Alien Sex Fiend
7. Franz Ferdinand
8. Pigface*
9. Nine Inch Nails*
10. Siouxsie & the Banshees*
11. Mommy & Daddy
12. Love and Rockets
13. Suede
14. Foetus
15. Blur*
16. Gene Loves Jezebel
17. Shadow Project
18. Duran Duran
19. John Cale
20. The Takács Quartet
21. Rufus Wainwright
22. The Cure
23. Laibach
24. Jane's Addiction
25. Michael Jackson/The Jacksons*